Dog Cart Tours

For an unforgettable Dog Cart Tour, come to us and enjoy this unique experience of a husky tour independently from snow. Whether as a passenger in one of our big dog carts or alone on a scooter with 2 Huskies. After a short briefing and meeting the dogs, we start our husky tour. Surrounded by the mountains of Andøya and the North Sea, we ride on a coastal road.

Details Dog Cart Tour

Duration of the Dog Cart Tour: 2-3 hours incl. introduction, preparing the dogs, driving time (45min), treating the dogs and huskyfarm guiding. 

Travel insurance is important, because we assume no liability for damages to persons and objects. Please, inform us about any health restrictions or mobility problems; f.e. back, legs, arms etc. - you need to come in and out of the sled/cart by yourself.

Please bring along: warm clothes, a hat, gloves and solid shoes. From end of January, we recommend also sunglasses.

Dog Cart Tours
adults Ride along on a dog cart (as a passenger)
Kr. 985,- pr pers
children under 12 Ride along on a dog cart (as a passenger)
Kr. 550,- pr pers
Dog Scooter Tour
adults Drive a small dog scooter (by yourself)/ 2 dogs in the team
Kr. 985,- pr pers

Please book the husky tour in advance. The husky tour is guaranteed, except in case of extreme weather or disease (with medical certificate).