Foto: Uwe Baumgärtel

Hiking with huskies

Experience the gorgeous mountaineous or coastal hikes on the island Andøya with us and our dogs.

The duration of the hike is according to your preference. The two to six hour hikes include a hiking guide, dog and waist leash, trekking poles, drinks and snacks, transportation and with longer hikes, food for a picknick.

Two hour hike per person:                           540,- NOK
Four hour hikee per person:                        740,- NOK
Six hour hike per person (incl Picknick):  1040,- NOK

Minimum: two participants.

Foto: Chris Nation

Hot tub experience

Come for a relaxing time in our wood-fired hot tub. Enjoy the northern lights in winter or the midnight sun in summer in our 38ºC warm water hot tub. Often appreciated in winter after a dogsledding tour or in summer after a long hike.

Up to 4 people:            400,- NOK per person
Up to 5 or 6 people:  1800,- NOK total

Including drinks and towels. Booking at least a day in advance!

Foto: Annette Scholz

Fishing tour with a trawler

Up to five people.
Including fishing equipment and captain/fisher
Duration approx. 7-8 hours.

2900,- NOK total

Climbing on Andøya

We offer climbing experiences in collaboration with Andøy Klatreklubb. Uwe Baumgärtel is a certified climbing instructor and has been climbing for 37 years.

On the west coast of Andøya, in the bays Hestvika and Høyvika, there is a 60 metres of climbing paths established with a view over the sea.

The climbing tour inludes transportation from our husky farm, climbing gear (helmet, ropes, carabiners, climbing belt, etc.), guided climbing tour, catering and barbeque at the seaside.

Duration: 8-10 hours
Minimum: 2 participants

Price adults:                          1950,- NOK
Price children (under 12):     975,- NOK