Foto: Stefanie Baumgärtel

Uwe Baumgärtel

Born 15.01.1964 in Berlin

"I am a trained plumber, mason, certified foreman, engineer for heating, ventilation and sanitation, Europe engineer, and professional driver for lorries and coaches.

My passions are climbing, diving and of course dogsledding or -carting through the nature of northern Norway.

In the summer of 2010, my life partner, Katrin, and I moved to the north of Norway (Vesterålen). I had gotten tired of life in the city and wanted to be closer to nature, not to work in a stressful, profit oriented system. What better place to go than Norway, where the mountains meet the sea."

Foto: Uwe Baumgärtel

Katrin Berg

Born 16.09.1966 in Bremerhaven

"I am a trained administrator and have spend my career in multiple organisations. I worked in both Frankfurt and Hamburg and spent ten years working for Shell.

I have traveled a lot to places like New-Zealand, Australia, Africa, Fiji, the Maldives, and Scandinavia. Traveling opened my eyes to the beauty of nature and even more so to living on islands. I wanted to leave the limits and profit-mindedness of society and move to a life in nature.

My passions are diving, painting, camping, and obviously being connected to our dogs by walking or cycling with them, or taking them with the dogsled or -cart.

In the summer of 2010, I called it: «Now or never!» Norway has become a new home for my partner Uwe, our dogs, our Norwegian Forest cat, Pia Pipilotta, and I."

Foto: Lisa Gindra-Vadi

Pia Pipilotta

... is our Norwegian Forest cat from Halle an der Saale (Germany).

Born 16.05.2009

She loves to lie in front of the stove and thereby annoying our dogs. In the summer, she is constantly looking for adventures and brings her little treasures to our doorstep.

Foto: Katrin Berg


... our old lady from Franziskus animal shelter Hamburg.

mixed dog/ alaskan husky - polish rescue dog
born Januar 2005 (?)

She loves eating. At the table or in the kitchen she always waits for food to fall off.