General terms and conditions
Husky -Andøy AS
8484 Risøyhamn
Organisation number: 912 575 993


§1 Ambit
The following general terms and conditions apply for the offers of Husky – Andøy AS, Nygård, N – 8484 Risøyhamn and for all other contracts with Husky – Andøy AS. Differnt conditions are only possible by special agreement.

§2 Written form
The electronic form is able to replace the written form.
Individual Agreements that are going further than this terms and conditions need to be fixed in written form.

§3 Contract conclusion
The specification of services of Husky - Andøy AS at the web page and in all other information medias are only summonses to give an offer. 
Beside of the written agreements verbal contracs also develop.

With booking one of our offers the customer is indebted to pay the whole price also in case of dishonor, when his apsence is his own deliquence or when he has to stand for deliquence of third person.

§4 Conditons of participation, health eligibility
The helth conditions that are necesarry to participate on the program you have booked are presupposed with your booking. Please inform yourself about the minimal health requierements at our web page. Should there by some open questions after reading, contact us before booking. If minor people participate in one of our programs on their own, the parents or the guardian have to agree before. The obligatory supervision remains by this person.

There is no right of refund if the minimal requirements are failed.

If you have to break up one program point because of personal or physical cases, there is also no right of refund.

§5 Safety instructions
All participants are indicated to the following points. They all serve your safeness

  1. Get in direct contact with our dogs is only allowed together with our staff. Orders have to be observed as directly and quickly as possible.
  2. Stepping in and stepping out of the slet, cart or scooter is only allowed after an order.
  3. Should there be a person that is afraid of dogs, tell us please.
  4. We approve you to bring some headgear with you for the tour with slet or cart. It would be also wise, to bring some safety precautions for your extremities and your skeleton. On enquiry we have some limited material which you are allowed to use. Hierbei kann auf Verlangen, in beschränkten Maße, unser Material genutzt werden. Please consider, that there is no claim to use those things.
  5. The participants support the slet driving person as good as they are able to.

§6 Exclusion of participants
Persons that defy the orders of the farm owners or there staff, so that dogs or humans get endangered could bei excluded from the event after an admonition.There is no right of refund in this case.
If you are acting with intent against the health of people or animals a prior admonition is not nessesary.

§7 Liability
The inhabitation on the area of Husky – Andøy AS happens at your own risk. Husky Andøy AS is only liable for damages witch are caused grossly negligent or wilfull. As far as there is not considert a cardinal duty. Cardinal dutys are such obligations, that are needed for realising the contract on his own. The contractual partners must be able to trust on this obligations. Consequently weare speaking obout the contractuales main duties.
Parents or the guardians are liable for their children

§8 Retirement of the organizer
All of our offers are oudoor. We are executing during every possible weather condition. Should there be impossilbe weather conditions to execute the program point without risk or danger for dogs or human we reserve us to resign. The decision is the one of the farm owners. In this case we will make an alternative offer on a new date. Should you not be able to observe the new offer we will refund you the price of the program point we cannot handle.  
Also we reserve to resign in the case that there is short-termed staff or dog sickness.
Is there one of this cases in advance we will contact you immediately. 

§9 Delay in process
Because of difficult weather conditions or the dogs it is possible that there is program delay. You have to deal with those things without any claim for compensation if the time you have to wait is reasonable.

§10 Selection of transportation
Before having the ride with the slet-dogs it is our decision which means of transport we will use. We base the decision on the differnt weather conditions. There is no possibility for you to decide.

§11 Domestic authority
The domestic authority dues beside of the owners by all authorised persons.

§12 Conditions of payment
The bill that is falling in due have to be payed without culpable conduct.
The following instruments of payment are enabled:

  1. Visa- and Mastercard
  2. Cash
  3. Prepayment

Dues of the  chosen method of payment will not be assumed.

§13 Agency of foreign services
For the agency of foreign services there is no response or liability of  Husky - Andøy AS. Potential bad performace have to be rejected directly by the organizer

§14 Arrival/Depature
You have to plan enough time for arrival and depature. If you arrive to late in your own response. We cannot ensure the realization of the programm point in this case.

§15 Law on picture
With the participation on one of our program points you automaticly agree, that all the pictures and videos we may take during you stay on our farm, can be used on all our different medias and in some newspaper reports. 
There is the possibility to withdraw your agreement in wiritten form.

§16 miscellaneous provisions
You are not allowed to use or o modify content that you are able to find on our web page, without a written agreement of Husky - Andøy AS or some mentioned third people. 

§17 Pets
Bringing some pets with you on our farm is basicly allowed. For safety reasons we would like to aks you for prior consultation. This selltlement serves the protection of our dogs and your own animals.

§18 Privacy protection
Your adress, comminication dates, kind of the program you have buyed and your appointment are all saved in our data processing to ensure fast and error free work. Application and detention carried out with the provisions of the Norwegian law.

Husky - Andøy AS is authorized to inform you via the electronic way about new offers, changes and the general life on the farm.

Should you not like these information, please tell us in written form. We will stop the writings immediately in this case.

§19 Right of withdrawal by distance selling

In case of a distance selling contract you have the right of withdrawal during the first 14 days. During this time you are able to resign out of the contract without any reason.

For executing your right of withdrawal you have to sent us an explict declaration about your decision. To hold the period of time, it is enough that the declaration is shiped in time.

§20 Place of jurisdiction
It applies Norwegian law.

§21 Entering into force

This terms and conditions of Husky Andøy AS enter into force from the day of publication. Kraft.