Alaskan Huskies

The Alaskan husky breed is highly varied. Some weighing in at 50kgs (110lbs) and are used by hunters, others weighing it at a mere 17kgs (37lbs) and are the favorites among competitive mushers. Despite possible differences in size and weight, they share many qualities, suh as their unruly, unbroken desire to run, hard, strong paws, dense, waterproof fur, modesty, tolerance with other dogs and all humans.

Breed of the Alaskan Huskies

There exist a some very well known, purebred strains. Here, the breeder focuses only on appearance, without having eye for breeding healthy, capable dogs. 

By mixing the breed with hounds and greyhounds, the offspring becomes more tolerant with pack mates and people and though they loses some of the qualities of polar dogs, you end up with very resilient and strong dogs. The European Sleddog, for example, was bred in with these aspects in mind.

A lighter breed has been established for hard races. The female dogs weigh between 22 and 25 kgs (48-55lbs) and the male dogs between 25 and 27 kgs (55-59lbs). Their running power is unmatched. An Alaskan husky should be able to run over 32kph (20mph) for 50 km (31miles) at a time. For distances of 80 up to 100 km (50-63 miles), their average speed can be kept between 25 and 27 kph (15-17mph). During even longer races, for example the Iditarod, Alaskan huskies can run up to 240 km (150 miles) a day for ten or more days.

Alaskan Huskies on our farm

All of our sleddogs are Alaskan huskies. Most of them being born and raised on our little husky farm. We have alaskan huskies crossbred with Pointers, Samoyeds, Siberian huskies, and German Shepherds. We bring in dogs from other breeders to introduce more diversity in the bloodlines and eliminate incest.